Friday, March 31, 2017

project babywearing and the HOPE Network

I first started babywearing when Gabriel was born because it was a practical way to have my hands free while staying at home with him. I quickly realized it was so much more than that! Babywearing became a way for me to have skin-on-skin time with Gabriel and I later learned that it also helped with normalizing my postpartum hormones. The benefits of babywearing also include babies crying less and learning more because they are closer to mama! 

As a result of my positive experience with babywearing (for almost 4 years now)  I wanted to provide the opportunity for other mama's to experience the benefits also. Mother's (and dad's too!) who otherwise might not be able to on their own. That's when I reached out to an amazing local non-profit HOPE Network to create a program to provide babycarriers for parents who could really use them. 

 HOPE Network for Single Mothers is a volunteer-based grass roots support system. It provides emotional and material support to single mothers and their children in the greater Milwaukee area. Founded by Gail Grenier Sweet in 1982 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, HOPE Network programs are designed to help mothers gain a sense of community, enhance their parenting skills, and develop self reliance.
HOW can YOU can get involved  

On Thursday, May 18th, 2017 I'll be attending the Spring Networking Event hosted by Latina's Connect Milwaukee at the Hudson Lounge. I'll be collecting any new or gently-used baby carriers at that time! If you're only dropping off carriers or a donation you do not have to buy a ticket! There will be information at the door. However, if you'd like to attend the event there will be multiple vendors, food, and music and the early-bird pricing is $12 right now. You can get more information about tickets and pricing here

I'm so excited to continue this project and watch it grow. Please feel free to leave any question you might have in the comments or reach out to my email  if you would not be able to drop the carriers/donation in May- we can certainly figure out a way to receive your gift. 

Wishing you all an amazing weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great event Keila! So wonderful you are participating and trying to help! Xo