Friday, July 22, 2016

LWD & life with 3 little's!

Recently, I've been asked a few times about what it's like having three little one's now. Although I have chatted a lot more about it on my Snap Chat (@MommyinMKE) I wanted to share some of my thoughts here too! Having three little's is beautiful. After Cristian was born I had a lot of issues arise. In part because it was winter (that's always tough for me) and the other part was not being prepared for a lot of the changes that happened during that time. We were getting ready for Match Day and once we found out we would be staying in Milwaukee for residency we started to look for a house. After the long and stressful search we ended up staying in our apartment. All of the unknowns of Match Day, looking at houses and getting ready to stay here in Milwaukee for 4 more years really took a toll while I was still roughly 4 months postpartum. That and not feeling well physically was a huge challenge for me and it took months for me to assess the issues and work on them. It all worked out as time went on but I wish I had known about things like diastasis recti, ways to battle the winter blues with little one's in tow, and making more time for myself! 

All of these things were huge learning experiences for me and for us. Although having two little's was also beautiful the transition for me was a lot harder. Did that take away from the awe and amazingness of having to sweet souls to look after? No, it did not but it added a challenging layer to it all on top of dealing with the  day-to-day of being a mother. And looking back now I am stronger as woman and mother because of it. However, once we found out that I was pregnant again we wanted to be more prepared. Although moving to a new home had it's stresses we planned a lot of it out with movers and family to help. Also, as I mentioned my postpartum dressing post, having a postpartum doula also helped immensely. I think even more than that is that I'm at a place where I am able and more willing to voice what I need. I'm also willing to make the changes needed for a positive outcome. It has taken years to get to this point and I'm really proud of myself in this regard. I don't think there's anything wrong with saying, "I don't want to be a hot mess and I'll do everything I can to help myself be better!" Since being able to assess the things that I need help with, organizing myself, and accepting those things that we simply can't control I've become a happier person because of it. Even though having three little's has it's tougher moments it is much more good than anything else! And I feel so blessed to be their mama.

Now to today's style post! It's been really hot and humid here (which I love) but it's really hard to find outfits that keep me cool, are nursing friendly and still help me look put together in the process. Enter little white dress!  I love a cute boho dress for summer and this one is perfect and at a great price point. I've worn it with and without the belt but I wanted a bit more structure this time around (I'm also wearing a slip underneath). I also found a few more dresses from She Inside that are similar & nursing friendly! I hope you're all keeping cool in this weather and wishing you all a great weekend ahead! 

Little white dress via She Inside c/o | brown belt old similar here |Lipstick Mac "Dangerous'

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

dressing postpartum

If you follow me on Snap Chat (@ MommyinMKE) you know that I recently did some postpartum shopping since I currently don't have a ton of clothing that fit well right now. And I've always been a big believer in buying clothes that fit right even if I'm in between sizes. It really helps me with my overall well-being what with all of the physical, mental and emotional changes happening right now! At exactly 3 weeks postpartum today- I am definitely not in my pre-pregnancy size but I am recovering a lot faster this time around. Thankfully, Lucia is nursing so well but I am a lot bustier at the moment... I mean there's just so many things that change after having a baby! And I've said it a million times- us momma's are freaking amazing! Needless to say, postpartum shopping is always so hard for me. Although I don't think I've ever heard any one say that they love clothes shopping after having a bebe, haha! So today I set off with Lucia to find some clothes to take on our family trip coming up. 

I've chatted a little bit about my postpartum doula on my Snap Chat but haven't shared much anywhere else. In the months leading up to Lucia's birth I talked about my major concerns for postpartum. One of them being not having enough hands-on help with our boys and Lucia among other things. One of the major lessons I've learned since becoming a mother is that you really can't prepare enough for the arrival of your little. There will always be something new come up. However, by planning ahead, organizing and voicing my concerns ahead of time the transition to a family of 5 is going well even with B's crazy schedule (as a second year Anesthesia resident more on that in another post ;) ). During one of my chats on SC one of my amazing momma friends, Jasmine, sent me a message telling me about how she thought it would be so helpful for me to look into a postpartum doula. I had heard a little bit about them and their services but I really didn't know much. After doing a little research we quickly realized that this was exactly what we needed.

In a nutshell, pospartum doula's assist with newborn care, family adjustment needs, meal preparation, and any other household care we might need. They offer evidence based information and resources on infant feeding, infant soothing techniques, understanding postpartum depression, and support with the physical and emotional healing needed by me. Basically, my postpartum doula has been a heaven sent for me! She has been my extra eyes, hands and support while both B and my family cannot be here physically as often as they would like. We always knew that we would be having children while B was in residency and planned accordingly. However, being away from family was one of the factors that we hadn't thought as much about. Having my postpartum doula here this time around has made such a huge difference and we are so happy that we decided to have one! If you are a mother with similar concerns- I cannot recommend enough looking into having a postpartum doula.

Now for some clothes, haha! (And on a side-note these are all on major sale!)

I am obsessed with this top! It works so well both tucked and untucked. The details are so delicate and perfect for summer that I had to have it and it's nursing- friendly! This skirt (that has a super stretchy/comfy waist band) is also such a pretty mustard that I thought it went really well with this top but I would pair it with a white tee and or/denim jacket too.

This jumpsuit is so good. Nursing friendly, comfy and it fit like I had it tailored (I got it in a small).

I wore this chambray to out shopping and it's become my favorite! It also pairs well with just about every bottom. I purchased this pretty emerald green maxi, it has pockets and a stretchy waist that 
fits so comfy! I think I'm sensing a theme here haha!

Also, I never thought I'd buy a pair of culottes but... these have all the requisites of feeling like pj's but aren't so they were pretty much a given!

Wishing you a great rest of your week!