Thursday, January 29, 2015

Series* bilingual baby tips

For those of you that have been following our blog for the past year you know that we have been raising Gabriel bilingual. Now that we also have Cristian I continue to only speak Spanish to the boys. Some days I worry that I am not exposing them to very much English other than some of the books we read to them, their English speaking family members (all of who live further away), and a short stay in church childcare. However, the other day when I picked up Gabriel from childcare at our church the teacher shared that Gabriel normally only plays quietly and walks around. I wasn't too surprised because he is definitely more observant than anything else when we are out. But what she told me next nearly floored me! She told me that in very clear words Gabriel told her, "Mami will be back in a minute!" What?! I was in shock because although he speaks a few English words, his sentences are usually completely in Spanish. I was almost in happy tears and you better believe that I am beginning to worry less about how we are choosing to raise our boys. Children are so smart and are capable of soaking in all of their surroundings even when we think they are not!

I talk more about our story and why we are choosing to do that here. One of my big goals this year is to share more tips on how we our raising our children bilingual. Although it helps to have at least one parent speaking the language I strongly believe that exposing children to different cultures and languages is crucial for balanced development. As I mentioned before I read to Gabriel in both Spanish and English. He is so far a huge fan of reading and these are some of his favorite Spanish books! I am also working on a video about reading in Spanish (so cross your fingers for me that I can make that happen soon ;) !

Mi Perro- This was a gift from a friend and it's by far his favorite book! It is so interactive as you can take out different pieces and explain to your kids what they do and how to use them!

El Camioncito Azul- This book is so lyrical and rhythmic! I love reading it to Gabriel and making all of the different animal sounds. It is such a cute book and has a great story.

Eres tu mi mama?- This was the first bilingual book we purchased for Gabriel and I have the sweetest memories reading it to him when he was only a month old!

Our sweet friend Gladys, over at The Mother Overload is also raising her daughter Mia to be bilingual and today she is talking about her story, research that supports teaching your children another language and some of the misconceptions behind it! I also answered a few short questions along with some other amazing momma's that are also raising their kids bilingual (and trilingual!)  I hope you hop on over and give it a read!

I hope you are having a great week and it's almost Fri-Yay!

Abrazos, Keila

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY floral arrangement

 I am definitely not a huge crafter. I dabble from time to time in sewing like this dress I made when I was pregnant with Cristian last summer. And once upon a time I painted but now a days I keep it simple and pick DIY projects that are extra easy! 
Enter this super cute yet easy flower arrangement I put together for a sweet family members baby shower. Fake flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers especially during the winter months when there are slim pickings. But also when you have a lot to arrange and would like to make them ahead of time. I picked all of these up at Michaels (that place is addictive!). I have about 9 more to make so I'm making one every day. I should be done by the day of! ;) I also love that they travel and require no water!
I hope this DIY is helpful for you and don't forget to have fun- it doesn't have to be perfect:)

Items you will need:

 You will need an arrangement of flowers to get that full look that are perfect for centerpieces. I picked this arrangement but you can pick out any color/type that you like. Just remember that in order to get the look pictured you need similar flowers, especially in height. The most important flower is the one you will use as the center (#3) to anchor and build your centerpiece. 

You'll need mason jars and a needle nose pliers to trim the flowers down. I picked up these mason jars at Menards- you really get more for your money there.

You'll need spray paint for the mason jars. I love the look of flat paint and this gives that perfect flat look and you do not need an added coat of paint. I picked these up at Menards.

You'll need pipe cleaners trimmed down into smaller pieces

To make:

Once you have all of your tools trim down the bigger filler flower branches. I like to remember the number three while making centerpieces. Because I am building the centerpiece using an additional three "filler" flower from each branch I trimmed down. The below set of flowers is all you will need to make the centerpiece pictured. I like to lay them all out before making the centerpiece. It helps keep things organized and if you will be making more you can separate each centerpiece a lot easier!

To begin grab your center flower and wrap three filler flowers around with a pipe cleaner. I like to use green pipe cleaners at the top so that they blend in with the branches.

You should get something that looks like this:

Once you have that central piece add a filler branch by using another pipe cleaner. Remember you are building the arrangement from top to bottom. I love the look of these because they give the extra height and add some texture.

Now add another three filler flowers. The reason I use three is because you are pretty much guaranteed a full looking centerpiece from every angle.

Finally add your final filler flowers in sets of three.

You should end up with something that looks like this. If you don't, play around with the arrangement. The filler flowers can add the added depth that you will need. If you think it is looking a bit skimpy add more filler flowers or another branch.

 Place your flowers into your already painted mason jar and you are all done! Easy right?! Let me know below if you have any questions below! And don't forget to follow us on IG and bloglovin link on side bar :)


Monday, January 26, 2015

embracing my "in between"

Cobalt Blue top available in store  at Target on major sale : Similar | Satin Straight legged pants : Similar | Patent Leather pumps: Similar | White button-down : Ann Taylor Loft

I hope you guys had a great weekend! Ours was busy cleaning and organizing things around our place. We also started the process of relocating (wherever that will be) but it's pretty exciting to get the home ownership ball rolling!

As we were organizing I stared at my mound of pre-pregnancy jeans. I have so many cute jeans that I miss (oh so much!). Especially a pair of distressed skinnies that my sister gave me a while back. I'm not even sure why I decided to try on the pair. It must've been a short bout of amnesia as the pair is at least 2 sizes smaller than I am now. But I was feeling crazy... so I tried them on. Took a deep breath and held it as long as I could. Then let out a huge exhale when they didn't get passed my thighs.

As I slowly took the jeans off and held them in the air I couldn't help but feel defeated. I'm not sure why but I felt like I lost something. In the process of me trying on those jeans I felt a sense of urgency to fit back into that size. I have realized that the idea of getting back into those jeans (into my pre-pregnancy size) is stealing the joy of embracing the sizes in between.  A part of learning to embrace where you are now is learning how to let go of who you were before. And realizing that who you are now is the direct result of all of the experiences that brought you here. And for a lot of you gals it was having a baby.

 Believe me I know it's easier said than done. And you're probably asking your self well how the heck do I do that?! And honestly I'm still learning it as I go. I have to consciously remind myself [often] that I just had a baby. And that my body is not bouncing back as fast as before. And that doesn't mean that I'm some sort of failure or that I've lost the battle of getting fit. I have realized that the only one putting time limits on myself is me. If I want to embrace my size and these wider hips I have to start telling myself that how I look now is even more beautiful than before. Not only because I truly believe it but because now I have another cooing sweet little babers to show for it. And that sweet little guy is so much more significant than a pair of old ripped skinnies that I can find in a bigger size to wear now.

I'm writing this for myself as much as for any other momma reading this. You are more beautiful than ever before and you will find a way to embrace your in between. Because you will realize that what matters in life is not fitting into jeans but loving who you are in every stage of this motherhood process. Don't set a time limit on yourself but please oh please give your self time.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

3 #ootd faves

I've been rotating these 3 pieces quite a bit! I love how easy they are to switch around and make a totally different outfit. So far this is my favorite combo. All items are less than $30! So it's pretty much a win for me over here. I couldn't find this exact vest on Target online but I saw it at my local Target store on major sale. The striped shirt is from She Inside so prepare to wait at least 21 days to get it. I usually order more than one piece from this site to make the wait worth while. I used this top even during pregnancy and it is perfect for layering too! These jeans have also been lifesavers for me. They are high-waist so they help to conceal my belly pooch perfectly and at $29.99 they fit right in my budget! Sorry for the indoor pic but those of you that follow my IG- this is my #ootd jam!

I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend and Happy Saturday!

Striped top: She Inside | Black High-waist skinny jeans : Target| Faux fur vest Target : similar chic Wish


Thursday, January 22, 2015

chicken fried

The weather has been so nice these past few days and thankfully I've been able to go out with the boys a few times (yay Target!). And there's just something about being able to go out that really cheers both Gabriel and me up. Don't get me wrong I am crazy about the snow but it's the beyond below freezing temps that force us to stay cooped up inside- that drives us bonkers! Cristian just seems to be content either way, he is just my sweet little butter ball. But Gabriel is not a home body at all. When it's tundra cold outside I can sense his energy and if he could talk more clearly he'd probably say, " I want to go out!"

So it has been so great to get some fresh air. The other day we went out and when we got back he was so wide awake and alert that all he wanted to do was play.  I was really hoping he'd nap so that I could get some things done but nope! That morning I dressed him with a pair of khakis and a flannel top that made him look like such a big kid. His hair is growing out from his first hair cut and his bangs fall perfectly to one side now. Then suddenly I was looking at him and thinking, wow you're getting to be so big.

So I let him skip his nap and I started to snap some pics. I've been on a country kick these last few days and we started slapping our knees and snapping our fingers to, "Chicken Fried by Zac Brown" and you should've seen the smile on his face. He gets such a kick out of the chorus. I'm so glad I took these pics because even now I can hear the song playing in the background,

 "And a little bit of chicken fried
Cold beer on a Friday night
A pair of jeans that fit just right
And the radio on
I love to see the sun rise
See the love in my woman's eyes
Feel the touch of a precious child
And know a mother's love..."

Monday, January 19, 2015

buffalo check

first Championship game backing the Pack!
I hope your weekend was great! I am still so sad about the Packers loss! Seriously, Cristian even had his little onesie and was cheering on. Oh well, there's always next year I guess. And if you're a Sea Hawks fan- congrats it was a good game!

Welp moving on... I've wanted a buffalo plaid ( but I call it check 😜 because it reminds of of a checker board, haha!) top for quite some time but it was one of those items I would always forget to purchase. Then while I was browsing on Modcloth's website I found this top and I fell in love! It is so cute and soft but if you order it, size up because it runs small. I also love that it is nursing friendly! I paired it with my oh so warm Sorel's that I purchased for our crazy winters here they are also waterproof and worth the price. I opted for this style because I love that they aren't extremely bulky and I'm crazy about the blue shoe lace! 

I'm also linking up with the gorgeous ladies of Trend Spin Linkup! So excited to meet other bloggers and see how they style this super cute plaid! I hope you have a great Monday!

Top : Mod Cloth | Jeans: Target (I'm still wearing these maternity dark wash jeggings! So comfy) | Boots : Sorel ,Similar shorter shaft |  Here Boston Store

Friday, January 16, 2015

my boys

I had a lot of worries before becoming a mommy of two. I was worried about the timing of everything and whether or not I'd have time to do everything on my list for the day. It's funny to think back on it now because I guess you never really know what to expect until you're experiencing it first-hand.

Gabriel is so in love with his baby brother. He hugs and kisses him all the time. And the other day he leaned over to grab his little hand and gave him a kiss just oh so gently while whispering some gibberish. And my heart melted into a puddle. He is just so sweet to him. Then he has moments where he gets so excited and starts to run around and suddenly he slaps his brother in the belly! Then Cristian starts crying and I have to reassure both that everything will be okay. And Gabriel that he has to be gentle and not hurt his brother. Then he'll go over and give him a big wet kiss all over again.

Cristian is such a mellow little guy so far. He is content laying on my lap or on a cozy blankie and we'll look at each other while he coos and smiles. His smiles make my heart swell up and I can't stop smiling when he starts. I find myself throughout the day not worried about my to-do list any more.

We'll sit in the living room while Cristian naps and Gabriel runs around wildly and I chase after with his Tonka truck. Or we'll dance to Mark Anthony and he'll say "mas! mas!" We'll laugh and they'll sometimes synchronize their cries and I'll try to calm them down or we'll just cuddle all together. Then I'll close my eyes and say a little prayer and ask that I don't mess up with these two.. my boys. They fill my life with so much joy.

I just hope now (with all of my heart) that I have more moments like these where they're little and carefee and my hugs are what make everything better.

I pray for more time like this because I know it will not last forever.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

shop buru

As you may or may not know now that I am breastfeeding again it's become so important for me to find fashionable, comfortable and nursing friendly clothes! I never thought that my biggest problem with nursing Gabriel would be finding clothes to wear (although I count my blessings that was our only issue). Let me tell you I spent those first 8 months wearing practically the same chambray top and a nursing tank. And Gabriel could never dream of drinking my pumped milk because he flat out refused it. I gave up the good fight trying and ended up exclusively breastfeeding for 14 months. So maybe we had more than one issue... I felt so frumpy and it was around the same time that I started this blog. Which reminds me I forgot to celebrate my 1 year anniversary last November- I think something major happened because I completely spaced it ;) Sorry for the tangent... But almost a year later and after navigating the world of a first time mom/breastfeeder I started finding clothes that worked. 

More recently during my pregnancy with Cristian and as I started my Instagram for the blog I happened to find Shop Buru  and my mind was blown! Here was this completely fabulous and chic website dedicated to hand-picking designer clothes for nursing momma's and beyond. Pretty cool right?! The owner Morgan is also a nursing momma and was inspired for the same reason. She also writes really inspiring posts on her site, I love this one about New Year resolutions and dreams. 

Well this is a rather long post so I'll just go ahead and jump to the fashion! I picked a couple of items from the site that were on major sale. This gorgeous cropped sweater has a zipper on the side that is perfect for easy access to the ladies- genius right?! To all of my nursing momma reader's I hope you hop on over to the site I am sure you'll find something fabulous and even if you aren't breastfeeding there is something for every stage of motherhood. I know I'll definitely be back for more!

Happy Wednesday!

Cropped Sweater | Shop Buru | High-waist Black Jeans | Target (oh so comfy!) |Vintage Tiffany Atlas necklace via | Gold West Vintage

Monday, January 12, 2015

the mitchell domes

I hope you all had a great weekend! This weekend we decided to escape the winter freeze and head to the Mitchell Domes for the winter farmer's market and some family fun. The domes are these three huge conservatories and each has a unique climate. What I love about this place is that you immediately forget that it's winter! Which is amaze. It was so nice to walk around and even though we still had our coats on it was a balmy 73 degrees in there! Cristian slept the entire time and Gabriel was able to run around (I can't take a still pic of him anymore!) and explore the different plants and animal life (mainly fish). It was also great to shop local and find more vendors I hadn't heard about. For all of the local families looking for something to do on these freezing winter days, I definitely recommend heading to the domes. We will be heading back fore sure and I can't wait to see Gabriel excited to see the greenery again! 

I hope you have an awesome week!

parent selfie ;)