Friday, May 30, 2014

Fave links and things!

Happy Friday loves!

During my blogging journey (not sure what else to call it haha!) I've toyed around with a few ideas to post. Lately, I've wanted to post more segments that my reader's (all 8 of you ;) can come to expect. I figured I could share some links and things I love for the week! 

I usually find myself, googleing, viewing, and shopping from so many places online that I think it'll be fun to share those links with you. I know every other "mommy blogger" probably does this haha but who knows maybe you'll find something you like!

I have random tastes most of the time, so it'll be fun for me to share that randomness ! ;)

1. I posted on my IG that I woke up with this song on my heart the other day!

I wrote " For the first time in a long time, I had a long ugly cry. But it wasn't in sadness and only comfort knowing that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes being a stay-at-home-momma (a caregiver in general) takes so much out of you. In every way- physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Then you add any other daily struggle you may be facing, and suddenly you feel like the only one in this world battling at it alone. And that can be such a consuming and lonely feeling. Suddenly, I look up and realize that I have been given such a wonderful life! And I am not alone! Then little man wakes up and starts yelling " Mamiiii Caca!" haha! And the song plays on my heart again, " I sing because I'm HAPPY! I sing because I'm FREE, His eye is on the sparrow. And I know He watches me." Whatever, you take comfort in remember that today and always you are not alone."

Check out the song here: His eye is on the Sparrow 

2. I am happy dancing right now! Honest Company is bringing their diapers and products to... drum roll please... TARGET!!! Woo hoo! Check out their products here ! Cannot wait to get my hands on the goods! And I am thrilled that I don't need to know the secret handshake or be a part of a secret society to get these Eco-friendly diapers ;) 

3. I am kind of obsessed with The Zoe Report online and you can subscribe to their emails! She has some great fashion ideas and advice as always! Plus you get an inside look on high-fashion and how to wear the most current trends (if that's up your alley) !

4. AND this song well, honeybun and I dedicated it to each other a while back. I am the type of person that repeats songs over and over shamelessly! And this song is no exception- it truly captures our love for each other :) Bonfire Heart- James Blunt.  

5. And these sandals! Great price. Great design. Great great great! Get them here!

6. And my current favorite lipstick for summer- flamingo by MAC- it's really the perfect shade of coral! 

Have an amazing weekend!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Remembering Maya Angelou

This morning as I was watching the news, I found out that Maya Angelou had passed on. She was an inspiration to many including me. She was a survivor of sexual abuse, a champion in the civil rights movement, an acclaimed author and poet. In her autobiographies she shares her story, an in-depth personal look at her struggles and triumphs.

Image c/o:
She was the definition of an empowered woman, through her tumultuous upbringing and experience she overcame so much! And what I find most inspiring is that she never let all of her defeats define her. She was a remarkable human being. If you haven't read any of her works, I recommend her book, "I know why the Caged Bird Sings." It will change your outlook on life. 

I am always so incredibly moved when I read her work, not only is it so powerful but it resonates with me, and so many others. To know that someone so inspiring can overcome so much, is a true comfort in knowing that your past experiences do not have to define your life. Instead those experiences serve as a part of a strong foundation that make you a survivor and phenomenal human-being. 

She is missed by many, but her legacy lives on forever in our history and hearts.

Here are a couple of my favorite poems of hers: 

 "Still I Rise"

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don't you take it awful hard
'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines
Diggin' in my own back yard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I've got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history's shame
I rise
Up from a past that's rooted in pain
I rise
I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Food and this pregnancy: finding what works

Hello loves! I almost forgot that I have a blog to keep up with! Yikes! Like most, I've been wrapped up in the day to day. We also suddenly  have really nice weather here! And (honestly) the last thing on my mind is staying in, especially after this winter we've had. These months are so short-lived! And now that my growing bump is getting, well bigger, I want to stay healthy in all aspects. I talk a little bit more of my weight and body-image journey here. However, food has been playing a drastically different roll in my life, and in this pregnancy. And it's not in the way you think!

I have always had a sensitive tummy. And tummy problems can be so embarrassing! But it wasn't always terrible, and surprisingly when I weighed more is was less of any issue. However, my tummy problems have somehow evolved to an extremely excruciating pain for about two days at a time. I've realized that this happens with certain foods. Right now I am slowly eliminating those foods. And it pains me to say that most of them are my faves. Wahhh! As you all know by now, I love food and trying different types and recipes. At this point, most of dairy, most meats (especially greasy) and some types of breads are the main culprits. I've had to get creative with my recipes now, and it's the main reason I haven't posted very many recently. There is such a fine line between the foods I can eat and bland boredom! Gah! 

The other day I stood in front of the fridge bewildered, and almost defeated. I was looking and in agony told my honey bun, there's nothing I can eat anymore! I seriously felt so hopeless, but the fear of feeling pain was more than enough for me to not want to eat. Luckily he calmed me down (as I was pretty much in full panic mode) and reminded me there is so much food out there that I still can eat. Which is true, but it's been a huge shift in my daily routine and attitude towards food. And as a part of the shift I am going to try and document those recipes, and foods that work for me with you. I also want to get to the bottom of this stomach pain! Because the last thing I need during pregnancy is not being able to eat with a growing little one that needs nutrients. 

I try to diversify my work-outs during pregnancy also. Now that it's summer, I make sure that I take a walk every day with Gabriel. I practice prenatal yoga, and watch Shiva Reas prenatal DVD, you can get it here. I definitely recommend this DVD, especially if you can't get out to a class. The work-out is about 50 minutes long and has 3 phases- I even get a light sweat in! We have pools where we live, and I am hoping to get some light swimming in also! I am very excited about being pregnant during the summer months, because there is so much I can do outside, and the days seem so much longer. If you are also expecting, Congrats! And please comment and let me know! I'd love for you to journey with me as we experience this amazing miracle. I would love to find out how you stay fit during pregnancy, and what are your fave foods and recipes also!

I am also going to be posting more pregnancy-related posts and share tips and tricks that helped me through my first pregnancy and beyond! I am going to be hosting an exciting giveaway for both mommy and baby and hope you also participate. Stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday loves! 


Here are a few pictures of our Memorial Day weekend. We were able to walk around the Lakeshore and we had perfect weather! One of the many reasons I love Milwaukee in the summer months.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Latinas in the City: Bi-Cultural Family

Hello all! I am so excited to share with you all the fourth installment of our Latinas in the City Collaboration.

Check out our first talk about S E X here
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Check out our third talk about balancing Relationships here.

Today I will share a little bit more about our bi-cultural family, and how we share our dual identities as an expanding familia. Growing up I didn't ask, nor was I asked questions regarding my cultural identity until we moved to Puerto Rico at a young age. I was born in the states and I grew up speaking English and Spanish. Naturally, my parents thought that the transition for us to move there would be easy. However, it proved to be so difficult for every one of us. We were not only moving to a different country, but even the way we spoke Spanish was different. I quickly realized that I wasn't "Puerto Rican enough" for the Puerto Ricans on the island! I spoke the language, but there seemed to be something off and my classmates noticed it right away. They immediately knew that I was from "alla fuera" or "out there" another way to say from the U.S. I realized then that, I am Puerto Rican, but I am also very much American. That was a part of my cultural identity. However, it has taken years for this process of understanding and acceptance to take place. 

My husband on the other hand, is a home-grown Wisconsin man! He was born and raised in Wisconsin, and he can trace back his ancestors (great and grandparents) to the area as well. He has heritage in both Germany, Poland and Belgium. His parents also continue to share and speak about traditions and foods of those areas. At a young age, my husband Benjamin began to explore more of the world and started learning Spanish, then lived and traveled to several Latin American countries where he learned more about the Latino culture and its people. 

Now fast forward to a few years ago... This Latina was late to a research meeting where I would discuss more about my research in, "English to Spanish Translation of Emergency Room Discharge Instructions," and about presenting at the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison. There I would meet a very cheery and smart young man that would also be presenting at the Capitol about his Scientific plant research. It literally took one date (that I invited him to!) and a very long talk (until the coffee shop closed) to realize that we had much more than just Spanish in common. 

It's no surprise that we married shortly after, and we started a family a year after marriage. Now we knew that we wanted to make sure that we nurtured and embraced both of our heritage, culture and familial values with our children. They would not be 50% Latino and 25%Polish 25% German 25% Belgian I think that makes more than 100! Our children would be 100% all of these! Gabriel is as much Puerto Rican as he is American. My traditions are as important as my husbands traditions. Both English and Spanish play a vital role in our raising him embracing his unique identity.

We want our children to understand why is it that Mami's side of the family asks for "Bendici├│n" or "Blessings" from our elders. Why grandma and grampa buy us specially-made Belgium pies when they visit. But most importantly, that all of these beautiful histories and traditions are a part of their story.

We all have traditional holiday's, foods, stories and people that make up our heritage. And each and every one of these are important in understanding why we do what we do, in the way we do it! Understanding, these unique threads of families is what makes us who we are. We hope to continue sharing both our Puerto Rican Holiday's and our Polish traditions. 

I asked the other ladies how do they nurture their cultures in their familes and here are their answers! 

Gladys "The Motheroverload":

I love that my parents taught us about our culture and heritage throughout our childhood and continue to do so to this very day. I will forever be grateful to them for our yearly family trips to Mexico in which we visited family, friends and the small town in which they grew up in. 

To be honest, there are so many traditions I would love to share with you all but I'll keep it short and sweet. These are my top 10 I plan to teach my children: Posadas, the extravagant ginormous nativity my mom puts together every November-January (it literally takes up her whole living room-just like they do in Jalostotitl├ín), celebrating El Carnaval and el Quince de Agosto de Jalos, visiting a pumpkin patch before Halloween, opening Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve (midnight), decorating our Christmas tree, making an altar for Dia De Los Muertos, Trick-Or-Treating, Super Bowl BBQ's, Thanksgiving prayer & Family Dinner and having mariachi at our family milestone gatherings. 

Gisella "Serendepity Delight": 

By teaching them the importance of family in our culture. Having respect for our elders and showing everything by example. We hold many traditions in our home and we try to instill as much as possible to our munchkins.

Cosette "I, Loving Victoria"

We choose to nurture and share our culture with Victoria in three aspects:
1. We observe holidays from our cultures and we do it big. 4th of July is as important as September 15. It is important for us that she has memories of us celebrating both holidays so she can relate it as part of her culture and upbringing. 

2. We speak to her in different languages. Aside from speaking Spanish and English on the daily, we also speak to her in Italian as much as we can. We have Italian roots on my mom’s side of the family and we all grew up understanding Italian. Therefore, just like we say ADIOS and good bye, we say ciao! We want her to be a well-rounded individual and as part of that, we choose to expose her to as many languages possible. 

3. Victoria is still very young to understand what heritage is but there will be a time when she will understand and it is very important for me and my husband that she develops pride. How do we go about that? We believe traveling and actually visiting the place where her parents and grandparents were born is important. For example, one day, we want to take her to Washington DC, so she can also learn, see, feel, smell the country her dad has served with pride. 

Love that insight ladies!

My hope for you is that you embrace your story and history! There is so much richness in learning more about your heritage. 



Thursday, May 01, 2014

Bump Fashion

Hi everyone! If you've been following our blog, you probably realized that in the past month or so my posts have been sporadic at best. Now I'll tell you why! If you haven't taken a peak at our Instagram or Twitter than you probably do not know that... we are expecting and are due in the beginning of November! We are so thrilled and so grateful to have another gift in our lives. I've got a whole slew of emotions and already this pregnancy is very different from Gabriel's! For starters I have been battling some pretty amazing morning sickness. I've tried everything to help with it and just recently started adding more protein to help curb it as much as possible. And along with that I just haven't been feeling the energy to do everything that I normally have done. Which can be tough when you are a corner cleaner like me ;) However, I seem to be getting a bit more energy and I'm thankful for that! I am so excited to share our next pregnancy journey with you all. Also, share some fun bump fashion!

In today's post I have this great floral blazer that I am in love with! Blazers are a really great way to pull an outfit together. It also brings structure, and it is so easy to just throw one on with a t-shirt and jeans! I practically lived in blazers during Gabriel's pregnancy. I'm not showing quite yet (it's more bloat than anything haha!) but I definitely feel my body changing already. Also, if you haven't ventured into the world of white skinny pants- please do! They are so versatile, check out how I styled this pair before here.  I'm loving florals, especially now that the weather is warming up a bit. I linked up some great floral blazer options for you! 

 Happy Thursday :)  


Floral Blazer Mossimo | Similar | White skinny jeans via Marshalls | Similar | Nude pumps |Similar