Sunday, February 16, 2014

Circle Skirts

I've been in search for a flower, mid-length circle skirt for quite some time! And you can only imagine my surprise when I found exactly what I was looking for in a tiny little boutique on ... Instagram! Yes, you read that correctly: Instagram. So I am never really up on too many of the new apps etc. but when I decided to start my blog, my sister-in-law suggested that I join Instagram for my blog as well. During this process I have found a huge community of bloggers, boutiques, and shops all over. As with any online shop there are risks, but I have only had wonderful experiences. It's much like buying on Ebay but with better filters ;) Just make sure to shop from reputable sources (look at followers and their past experiences). Although this skirt is from Express it is from a prior season, but no worries I linked up a great site that gives you plenty of flower circle skirt options! :) 


Flower Circle Skirt Express via Liyas Labels | Similar Skirts  Red Blouse Banana Republic | Similar | Platform Heels Gift | Similar


  1. Super cute!! I am about to make my own circle skirt - wish me luck!

    1. Thank you hun! Omg I am too! I just got a serger and am excited to start some projects. I will be thinking of you! I am sure it'll be fab! Send me some pics once you're done :D

  2. Definitely! Post a pic of yours when you finish too! I found some awesome fabric at JoAnn's during a big sale last week, so I hope I can do it justice. You are going to have so much fun with a serger! From what I've seen, you can do a lot with it. I have my trusty, sometimes tempermental, basic sewing machine, but hope to one day get a serger too. Then goodbye to traditional hemming!!