Monday, December 30, 2013

8 months

Dear Gabrielito: 

You are 8 months (and a few days) old! This month has been a huge one for you. Not only did you begin walking around furniture but I believe that developmentally you have soared. You started saying more syllable words like: mama, tata, fafa, dada, yayay, estas and papa. You also discovered new sounds that often scare both Papi and Me! You can balance for a few seconds without holding on to anything and it seems like you are determined to walk soon (good luck to me!). But I think all of these changes is why you have yet to sleep through the night.

As I write this you are cutting 3 more teeth-- your little chompers drive me nuts. You really love to bite just about anything you can get into your mouth! Both Papi and I have the marks to prove it. You are able to hand me things if I ask you for them and you have a knack for finding the most obscure items. You can pick up very small things with your hands and it is very neat to see you fine-tune your motor skills. 

I already know that you are a very determined little guy. Even after you drop an item and can no longer see it with your eyes-- you go after it until you find it! I hope you continue with this determination for the rest of your life. I think you are also nurturing a great sense of humor. Sometimes when you are playing with your toys I see you chuckling by yourself. And other times it's a big belly laugh that just melts my heart. If you can learn to laugh by yourself than you can learn to find the happiness in every situation.

Lots has happened in the world around you. We lost a great world leader, Nelson Mandela. He was an advocate for peace and human rights. A genuine man that suffered throughout his life but then triumphed and impacted the world over. We even had some reality-TV (that I hope doesn't exist once you can read this) controversies that spilled over to relationships and every day conversations.

I would like to guard your heart from pain and hate but I know I will not be able to stop it from happening to you. However, I will try my very best to hand you the right tools to make the right choices and be the very best person you can be. I want you to always remember that the people that we should admire in this life do not tear others down. That our conversations should not only advocate peace but share our hope for equality for all.

As Nelson Mandela said so beautifully, "For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."

Baby boy my hope and prayer for you is that you stay determined, joyful and learn to love equally and fully-- I cannot wait to celebrate more months with you.


Puerto Rican Braised Stew Chicken (Pollo Guisado)

The older I get the more I realize what an amazing mami I have! She made homemade meals all throughout our childhood and even today we beg for her to make some of our favorite meals. This recipe is one of my most loved. But like many of my mami's recipes it's hard to measure a lot of what she puts in. Mostly because she never measures and instead goes by taste.

Of course, I called her and asked how she made it and I tried very hard to make it just like she does. However, I don't think I could ever make it exactly the same way! 

This is so so delicious and hearty. And like most of my mami's meals she always served it with a side of white rice. 


4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (can also use bone in with skin) We opt for grass-fed no hormones. It is more pricey but I promise you can taste the difference and it is a better choice for you and your family :) 
1 tbsp olive oil
1 - 6 oz can of organic tomato paste
1/2 cup water
1 cup chicken stock
1/4 cup Spanish olives
salt & tellicherry pepper 
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp cumin
1 small white onion chopped
2 medium potatoes chopped
3 large organic carrots chopped
1/2 cup organic cilantro chopped
3 organic sweet peppers chopped
2 Bay leaves

To make:

In a large skillet sautee the onions with olive oil on medium high. Once the onions are sauteed add the chicken stock and water. Add the tomato paste and slowly mix-- you should get a thinned out sauce. Add the garlic, cumin and cilantro. In a separate bowl-- season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper. Lower the heat and allow to simmer. Add the carrots, cilantro and potatoes, olives, sweet peppers and bay leaves. Allow to simmer so that the veggies can begin to soften (about 15 mn). After the sauce has simmered add the chicken breasts last and cover your pot. Allow to stew for 20 mn. Your chicken should be fully cooked at that time (you can always measure the temp of your chicken, it should be 165 degrees). 

To serve: You will have delicious tender chicken! Cut the chicken in slices, serve with the vegetables on top and if you'd like a side of whit rice.

 Buen provecho!

Friday, December 27, 2013

winter florals

A lot of times when I think of floral prints, I think of spring...summer but never winter. However, the other day while I was perusing the Target Clearance (yes clearance!) I found this gorgeous pencil floral skirt. I grabbed it right away because it was beyond a steal (6 bucks!) and I thought- I really want to wear this already so why not just winterize it?

I honestly believe that you can take a few key items from your own closet and transform into a winter look! I really love how a chambray shirt and some camel boots can bring warmth to any outfit. (BTW I really think a chambray shirt is a must have in any girls closet! It works great with just about anything). But black boots could go with this just as well!

Next time you're at a clothing store and you see seasonal clothing on sale-- buy it! You really have nothing to lose AND it's really simple to winterize. Who says floral's are only for the warmer months?! 


 Chambray Top | Marshalls : Similar | Statement Necklace | Gift | Skirt | Target : Similar 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Party Outfit !

Sometimes I buy an item because I see potential in it but it ends up sitting in my closet for months (even years yikes!). Case in point- these satin pants. They were in my closet for some time and apparently I shrunk during pregnancy because I had to hem them quite a few inches!

I suddenly saw these pants in a new light for a Holiday party coming up. I paired them with these amazing patent leather heels my sister gave me for my birthday (that I have to be careful with while I'm holding little man) and of course pearls from my bestie. You don't have to go all glitz, short or tight to look festive and party appropriate. I am sure you probably have a few items in your own closet you can use for the holiday parties coming up!  

Have fun putting old items with new and mix it up a bit- you'd be surprised with the fun outfits you can come up with!


Red Blazer : Marshalls : Similar  | Winter White Infinity Scarf Forever 21 | Satin Pants Express : Similar | Polga dot black and white shirt New York and Company : Similar
Patent Leather pumps : Similar 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mommy in Milwaukee Holiday Gift Guide!

If you're anything like me-- you are still shopping for gifts for the holidays. Better yet, you haven't even begun shopping. Don't worry your secret is safe with me! This year I had a few things on my list for our little man that I actually ordered ahead of time (the bi-lingual learning table) and I am so glad I did because it is a HOT item! Even if you are not able to give it to your little one for Christmas, I highly recommend this toy. It has music, lights and tons of bilingual activities. Gabriel may or may not have been playing with it already ;)

 I've compiled a list of fun gifts that I adore and think they would be great items for any mommy or baby you know. And they are all under $50- Winning! 

I am really looking forward to spending time with family and celebrating our first Navidad with our little guy! 

 I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday season and are able to celebrate it with those you love! 

Feliz Navidad! 


1. How gorgeous are these red leather gloves? So gorge. You can get them here $49.98.

2. This ultra luxurious body wash and shampoo is a must for a momma that needs some pampering! And get this-it smells like honey buns! YUM! Buy it here she will love it :)

3. I have been eying this wooden tree for a while now! These wooden toys are great for babies to chew on. They contain less chemicals and are very eco-friendly. Not only that, but your little one will love stacking this thing! Get it here  $20.00.

4. I love how this belt is both chic and simple. The color is also a great stand-out piece for any momma's wardrobe. Buy it here $29.95.

5. Sophie. Enough said. Buy her here $39.99.

6. I can't get over this little hat and mitten set from GAP for baby- so cute and cozy. Buy it here $26.95.

7. This is the table I've been raving about! Buy it here $45.00 !

8. What does the racoon say?! This little one-piece is so cute! Buy it here :) $34.95

9. I am a huge coffee drinker and this mug is killin' me! "Udderly" adorable ;) I'm sure it'll brighten any momma's day! Buy it here $8.00.

10. I think every home should have these wax melts- they smell so good and last for some time! Buy them here for 1.99 ea sit back and enjoy the scents !

11. Plaid scarves are all the rave right now- this one is fab and oh so soft. Buy it here and cozy up!

12. Guilty as charged- yet another Philosophy gift set! I can't help myself but you really can't go wrong with Philosphy.These lipglosses are great and they smell delicioso. The best part is that they aren't sticky! This is a wonderful little gift set complete with shower gels and body washes. Get it here $42.00.

I hope this little guide was helpful! Now get to shopping Navidad is in 6 days!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Love your body, Momma!

I have always had issues with accepting my body. I would look in the mirror and pick myself apart. I would stare at my thighs and tell myself that they were so wide and fat. Yes I called myself fat [in my head] often. I wouldn't say that I always scrutinized myself but somewhere in the years right after high school and college my self-esteem took a dive. 

I became very unhealthy-- eating out late and drinking for the wrong reasons. Some days I wouldn't eat all day, then I'd run to work and binge throughout the night. I was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle and it showed. It wasn't until the end of my undergrad years that I began to take care of my body because I wanted to change. I am not talking about dieting but really loving and respecting myself and my body. Shortly after I began this process, I met my husband who further helped me overcome my own destructive thinking. 

Do you know one of the reasons why I knew my husband was "the one"? Because every time we left our conversations and or dates I felt like a better person and I wanted to be the best version of me. Not only for him but for myself. In loving me, he helped me love myself and love my body. Fast forward to about a year into our marriage-- I was at the healthiest weight and shape of my adult life. I was very healthy and happy.

Now fast forward to my pregnancy. I steadily gained weight and tried to stay active throughout. I also never said no to a craving! After little nugget arrived I refused to weigh myself for some time. My body was still (and is still) recovering and I wanted to give it time. But it was so hard to see and hear of friends that would say they lost their baby weight so quickly or completely. Meanwhile, I just wanted to be healthy and happy. One day, I stood in front of the mirror and that old me reared its face. As I stared at my post-pregnancy body I began to scrutinize my self again. Look at your fat jiggly thighs!  Your body will never be the same!  The words taunted me.

Then just as quickly as the thoughts came, they left. At that moment, our son woke up crying and I went over to pick him up. His cry quickly reminded me, that not too long ago, I held him in my womb. Those thighs and my "pooch" were all proof of how amazing my body is-- to be able to support another human being.

If you are a mother reading this now and are feeling ugly, fat and not quite yourself-- I want to tell you that you are beautiful. Your body supported life, carried it and it will take some time for it to heal and recover. I know that my body will never be exactly the same as before but I love it because it transformed me into a mother. And that is something that I would never take back.

So love your body, momma! You are beautiful!

love these-such a deal!

eek! I did a red lip! First time for everything right?!

Silk Red Blouse Banana Republic/Similar : B & W Striped Skirt Banana Republic/Similar : Patent Leather Pumps/Similar : Earrings Target/Similar : Lips L'Oreal True Red

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Santa....

I've been reading some pretty awesome letters to Santa from babies and it got me thinking...I'd like to ask Santa for a few things myself!

Dear Santa, 

Please give me the following things: 


I remember what it was like to sleep in until 8 am... Le sigh. Now waking up with a hangover headache is something that happens even without wine consumption! 8 sweet, uninterrupted and glorious hours of sleep is all I want for Christmas! {If you can only grant me one of these pretty please choose this one!}

 Blow-Out proof Diapers!

Baby boy is eating solids now... And you know how ish gets REAL after solids! Please make this happen. Also as an addendum- could you help him stop wiggling all over the place when he gets a dipey change because cleaning poo in places other than his bottom is getting rough!

A bottle, sippy cup, cup.....Anything baby boy can actually drink out of!

Don't get me wrong I am so happy that he is able to nurse. But I think in the process of having him nurse he learned to hate bottles and only drink out of dos boobies

An effective chew toy! 

Yes- I'm looking at you Sophie! These things aren't cheap Santa. AND for some reason everything he does decide to chew on is unsafe, dirty and out of reach! You have to admire his determination though! 

A carseat that puts him to sleep !

I like taking my little man out and about but he hates this thing. I think deep down he can't handle being contained  (true libertarian) but momma can't entertain him effectively while driving... Last time I tried clapping and singing I got quite a few flipping of the birds!

AND finally..... Please help me appreciate all of these things even if they continue to happen :)


Monday, December 09, 2013

Happy Giving!

 If I could make everything homemade I would! But I'm not that crafty womp womp. However, whenever I can make easy homemade gifts for friends or family-- I am all over that! Plus a homemade gift adds a sweet touch. 

Back when I still lived at home, I made these yummy cookies that are extremely popular in all of Latin America and the Carribean. The cookies are called polvorones-- they are yummy and not a low calorie food ;) 

These cookies are usually made for special occasions and what better special occasion than Navidad! I am a big fan of a great presentation and I found these adorable boxes at Target's dollar spot (deal!) and these colorful glittered ornaments For a festive touch. I am planning on gifting these to some close neighbors and some mommy friends. I am adding a small card with the recipe.

Adorbs box+ homemade polvorones = thoughtful simple gift with a cultural twist! :)

(you can add almonds or walnuts but I steer clear since you never know about allergies these days!)

2 cups unbleached white flour 
2 sticks butter
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup confectioners sugar and a lil extra to cover the cookies

To prepare:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter, granulated sugar and cinnamon together in a large mixing bowl until fluffyish. Slowly add the flower and continue to mix. Once everything is mixed make a large round mound and set aside for about 30 mn. On a large cookie sheet make small balls and place them about 1.5 in apart. Bake them in the oven for about 10 mn or until golden. Let the cookies cool off for a bit but when they are warm sift as much confectioners sugar as you want on them. I take a large ziplock bag and place a few cookies at a time ad cover them completely. Cut small squares of wax paper and layer the cookies inside your gift box- and wrap fabulously!

Happy Giving! 

Friday, December 06, 2013

raising a bilingual baby

Couple of crazy kids
When we found out that I was expecting we were so thrilled, nervous and literally nauseous. We also knew that we wanted  to raise our babies bilingual. But we honestly had no idea how to go about it. Both my husband and I speak Spanish. I am a native Spanish speaker and my husband learned the language throughout high school and college. Even so-- we had a hard time speaking it to each other all of the time. So we began to look up research and information about how to raise a bilingual baby. 

I also began asking family members that have bilingual children-- exactly how they did it and if they had any tips or tricks to help us along the way. It turns out their advice was pretty basic and surprisingly the hardest thing for us to do. They told us that we had to make an effort to speak it all of the time. My first thought was: AH! Unlike English I had to prompt my mind to start speaking in Spanish. I would speak a version of Spanglish to my siblings and Spanish to my parents. However, I knew that I was beginning to forget certain words and phrases and that worried me even more. I wanted to teach our baby on the way but I didn't want them to learn the bad habits that I  created with the language. My husband and I discussed our worries and then we began to practice.

All of a sudden we started speaking to each other all of the time in Spanish. My husband was even better at remembering to speak it than I was! Whenever we caught the other speaking in English we would quickly correct them and say ," Español por favor." This worked every time except one day when we were in public. It turns out I had bigger fish to fry than not remembering to speak in Spanish.

One day we were shopping at Costco and my husband who has a very deep and loud voice (as his normal tone) began speaking to me in Spanish around a group of people who were waiting for samples. Then all of a sudden I began to respond in English. He then continued in Spanish and I continued to respond in English. Finally, he says, "en Español por favor," and I look and him and say... no. At that point, I realized that I felt embarrassed. I felt embarrassed to speak my own native language in public. I was worried about what people would think, what they would say and whether or not  they would find it annoying. Were they going to tell me to go back to my own country? Would they snicker and roll their eyes? I had begun to implode within myself and the negative thoughts consumed me. I thought-- if I can't speak Spanish to my husband in public, how will I ever raise a bilingual baby? 

When we got home that day I was hoping my husband wouldn't bring it up but of course he did. And the first thing he shared with me was how frustrated he felt when I responded in English.
He told me that in order for him to continue to learn, I had to continue to speak it. He told me that we will never succeed in raising a bilingual baby unless we set an example.

This resonated in such a way with me that I began to cry. Not only was it the truth but I had to face a very difficult reality that I hadn't faced in years. If I did not embrace Spanish as a part of my identity as a Latina, then I will never speak it in public. I was then reminded of a old book that I read years ago and a quote that was tucked in the back of my memory,

“Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.”  (Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet)
I was terrified not only of not being accepted by others but of my son being rejected for speaking Spanish. The concept of raising our son learning these two languages brought out my own insecurities and fears. This fear was my own internal dragon that roared and spit fire every time I was reminded that I was different. I had to confront my fear and act against it before it defeated me and my purpose. I had to also see the beauty within my fear and embrace the uniqueness of who I am.

Once Gabrielito was born we made the transition from English to Spanish in our home. It became second nature for me to speak to him in my lengua nativa. Turns out that we weren't only raising a bilingual baby but in the process of teaching him the language I taught myself. I was raising me.

My hope and wish for you is that you are able to embrace the uniqueness of your identity. I promise you'll be surprised of what you are capable of. 


Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Hola- my lovely mommy and non-mommy friends!

I am so excited to announce my very first giveaway! I am giving away ::drum roll please::  

{A fab infinity scarf that converts into a nursing cover!} 

And just so you don't think I am only loving on my nursing mommy friends- this scarf can be worn as an infinity scarf as well and no one will know the difference- it is that seamless! ;)

If you're anything like me-- I end up nursing in public often. However, most nursing covers are uncomfy and annoying. Plus- when you have a screaming baby that is having a mini baby panic attack because mommies milk isn't coming fast enough- busting out that nursing cover cannot come fast enough. With this scarf, you already have it on and that usually cuts the time in half :)

Please check out the picture below for official giveaway guidelines! If you do not have Twitter or Instagram- no worries- just comment on this post and you will be entered!

Suerte y Abrazos!


FINE PRINT: Giveaway scarf color may vary depending on availability. Shipping only within the U.S. And Puerto Rico. Also- these scarves are available for purchase from the fabulous designers at Oasis Painting and Decorating for $25 plus shipping and handling. Contact me at for more information and PayPal details!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Clothing check-list!

These days I have a quick checklist I go through before I dress up for a celebration and little man is coming with:

1. Is this outfit nursing friendly? 
2. Can I run around after Gabriel and not look like a rumpled mess? 
3. Am I comfortable? 
4. Is it chic/cute? 

Most of the time I miss one or two of these but every once in a while I feel like I nail them all!

I've found that a crisp white oxford shirt and a statement necklace can go a long way.  I was very cold this past week for Thanksgiving and decided to layer my button-down with a mustard yellow wide-neck sweater. The result was a very pulled together, chic and  afternoon appropriate outfit! I wanted to wear slacks but you could easily wear the tops with skinny jeans and be ready for a fun day shopping or brunch with your girlfriends! 

Do you momma's have a mental checklist you go through when getting dressed?! 

 {Statement necklaces double as a great teething toy ;)}

{Oxford shirt:The Limited  /  Mustard Yellow Top:Similar / Statement Necklace (gift):Find Similar / My own shoes:Similar }

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Quick Steps to Avoid a Mommy War

Have you ever had a conversation with a fellow momma, that starts off as a quick catch-up and next thing you know you're deep in the trenches of a mommy war? You start talking about your birth story and in an instant-- you're debating about whether or not home births should be legal. Recently, I began a long introspective conversation with myself about how to navigate these crucial conversations. Although I like a good discussion, I've found that some of these exchanges can seem rather innocuous. But since I allow them to get stuck in my craw longer than they should, I know they are not. 

So I've compiled a quick step process of what to do when these convo's happen:

Take a deep breath- yes breathe... Sure I am inwardly eye-rolling when this lady tells me that I shouldn't co-sleep with my little guy- even though I've researched the safe way to do it and understand the times when he should sleep alone. It may seem like a simple step but it provides a quick physical reaction that allows for fresh air to smack my brain and help me calm down. And calming down will help me to not accidentally spill coffee on her stroller.

Take responsibility for your own reaction- This is probably one of the hardest steps I've had to learn through the years. For example, when someone says something hurtful such as, "Well with formula I could actually taste the milk I gave to my baby-to make sure it tasted good." For starters- you can refer to the above step... and then take a moment to realize that you have the power to let this affect you or let it go. No this doesn't mean you are excusing their behavior but instead you are allowing yourself to take responsibility for your own reaction and refuse to let it dampen your day! Because let's face it this momma is probably on her merry way sipping on her latte, feeding her baby formula and getting a pedi!

Know your facts- this means when someone says, " You know if you speak to your baby in Spanish they will have speech delays?!" Even though you want to ::insert buzzer noise here:: And yell FALSE. You can calmly tell them the facts that this is simply untrue. Because when statements like these are made it's generally because people are misinformed. And misinformation should be clarified!

Understand plurality- We live in a world with differing cultures, ideas and familial environments. All of which do not jive or do not have to jive with your own parenting "style." This means that even if you are pro-vaccination-- you can respect the viewpoint of a non-vaccinator and co-exist with them. Instead of picketing outside of their home and accusing them of  everyone's whooping cough. 

Accept that not everyone will agree with you- Unbelievable- I know. After all you can write a book about all of your parenting wisdom! But the hard truth is that even though you have research to back you up, nine times out of ten your opinion will not change theirs. Yes that means that your countless Facebook links and posts about eating clean will not change the fact that fast food is happening... for dinner. 

Finally... Unwanted advice happens. I cannot tell you how many times I've had people in grocery stores give me advice on parenting- most of the time I'm nodding but wishing I was on a beach somewhere. But there are other times when a few nuggets of truth are in the mix and that's what I choose to hold on to. So instead of starting a mommy war let's support each other and accept that we will disagree.

I hope next time you come across a heated mommy conversation - these steps help out or at least make you think twice the next time you start World War 3 on your twitter feed! 

 *picture courtesy of Time magazine

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Making Time

I've been running around this week trying to find a moment to meditate and breathe in the midst of everything going on in our lives. Some days seem to go by so slow, then I look up at the calendar and another week has flown by. Yesterday when we got to bed (after wrangling baby boy in the bath and putting him to sleep) I looked over to my esposito and asked--what in the world did we do with our free-time before Gabriel was born?

It was a funny thought because of course we got a lot done, I was working more than full-time in clinical research and getting the day-to-day completed as well. But for some reason I never felt as exhausted as I do now (on some days). Yet, I have also never felt as rested-- as when I get a sweet 4 hour stretch of sleep! It's so easy for me to go through the week and not take a time-out for myself and just breathe. It's as if I get caught up doing everything that I end up not doing anything at  all. 

I had to stop and think about the last time I stopped thinking about my to-do list, my goals for the week, what's for dinner... all the day-to-day mess. And really take some time for myself. And I'm not talking about taking some time to paint my nails or deep-condition my hair (which are awesome things that I need to get done... like yesterday) but I'm talking about reaching that place within myself that these things cannot reach. When was the last time I truly prayed and meditated?

I have a tiny obsession with finding out the root of words--what they really mean and in what context they were used. Because after all context can often define the meaning. I wanted to find out exactly what prayer meant. I wanted to find out more about this word-- back when it was first recorded. I wanted to find out the meaning in order to provide more meaning in why I need to do it more.

 What I found out truly blew my mind.

Prayer as defined in English is more of a petition--a wish we make,a way to ask for what we need.The word prayer is defined by Merriam Webster as: a (1) :  an address (as a petition) to God or a god in word or thought prayer

The English word prayer was used because it somewhat captured the essence of prayer from the Hebrew texts but not fully. I found several words that more closely define prayer from the original Hebrew. One of those words-- is the Hebrew word tefilah that is derived from the verb pallel that means "to judge." In the Hebrew the phrase lehitpallel ("to pray"), which also means "to judge oneself " is used to define prayer. Therefore, in the original text and meaning-- prayer is not so much a petition but a time to judge oneself... Yikes! I hope you're still with me.

 When I first came across this definition I thought--when was the last time I released my thoughts and meditated? Really prayed, not about my goals or things I needed  to get done but  instead searched within beyond the daily noise and judged myself. Turns out it had been a long time.

Have you ever thought of prayer as a time to judge yourself  (notice I didn't say to judge others ;)?  When was the last time that you stopped, looked within yourself to that inner place and contemplated on your character and self-evaluated the inner person that no one sees? Your true self. I'll admit that's a scary thought-- there is so much within me that is hard to face. Whether it's my attitude, jealousy, mistakes that I've made-- I just don't want to go there. Yet it's exactly what it means to pray and meditate.

When we take the time to meditate on these things-- we are acknowledging that they exist and in turn, begin to make changes. Sometimes we can look at all of the wonky things within us and then we step into the realm of peace that truly surpasses all understanding.The further we dive into prayer and meditation the closer we draw to the divine and our best self. However, the less time we set aside to focus on these things-- the more unsettled we will become. 

I am challenging myself to not only get my deep condition in this week but also to meditate and make time to self-evaluate. 

My hope for you is that you are able to do the same.


Friday, November 22, 2013

an 'honest' review

Before having Gabriel we were faced with the huge task of deciding what type of diapers to buy. Now it wasn't until we had him that we realized that he had to be born in order to find out which diaper would work for him. But you know you can't tell that to new parents ha! We danced with the idea of cloth diapering. We like the idea of re-using, reducing waste and the environmentally friendliness of it all. However, it just wouldn't work for us at this point and we ended up just going with the traditional brands that most people buy. We have had leaks, blow-outs up the back, poorly made, well made and thankfully no allergic reactions!

Then I heard about the Honest company dipes, wipes and cleaning supplies. I was intrigued since they claim to be, "eco-friendly, ultra absorbent & free of lotions, fragrances & latex." Pretty much awesomesauce. So of course, I had to check them out and try them out for myself or rather have little G test them out for me. Because after all he decides what works! Lucky for us before taking the plunge and making the commitment of signing up for the monthly shipments- we could take a test run! We signed up for the free-trial of a sample size of natural, high performing diapering essentials. • Diapers (7 count) • Wipes (10 count) and we paid for the shipping.

I was so excited when I opened the box and saw all of the cute designs (a lot like cloth diaper choices) and quickly put them on Gabe. Let's just say he is gifted in the testing out diapers and wipes area! He really wanted to make sure they were well made ;)

I'll keep this part short and sweet- these diapers are so well made! We had no leaks and no blow-outs and no allergic reactions. Believe me- Gabriel christened these in the best way possible and they held up to the task. The cherry on top is that it's great to know that the materials used are eco-friendly and it really speaks to what we wanted in the first place. 

The Cons: They are pricy. If you price them out you are paying more per diaper than several other major brands. However, they do have deals if you buy bundles and will apply % off depending on how much you buy. 

The Bottom Line: These diapers lived up to their name. If you have the income to buy them- I'd say go for it! As with any organic/eco-friendly/natural product not only are you paying for the product but for the "cleaner" and environmentally friendly lifestyle :) 

You can order the dipes and free-trial here: Honest.

I hope you all have a wonderful (leak-free) weekend! ;)


*opinions are my own


Thursday, November 21, 2013

beauty or cutie

These days I am rocking a baby bag #likeaboss and that's okay with me! But I would be lying if I didn't admit that I can't wait for the day I can wear a smaller more portable bag :)

Enter these two gorgeous shoulder bags. Of course, I had to compare a higher end Chloe bag to a more affordable and equally bella Fossil burnt orange number. 

Both share a similar burnt orange color complete with the same gold hardware.

It was love at first sight!

         Chloe Beauty                                                          Fossil Cutie

*pics c/o respective websites
What's one thing you look forward to saying goodbye to once your little one is more independent?!