Friday, June 24, 2016

she is here!

I wanted to stop by and also share on here that after waiting an extra week (cannot wait to write out her birth story but once I'm out of this newborn haze 😉) our precious Lucía Margarita was born June 14th weighing 8.1 lb! We are so incredibly happy to finally have her here with us, the boys love their baby sis, and B and I can't get enough newborn snuggles! Thank you for all the kind words/messages on Instagram, Facebook and Snap Chat- we read & appreciate them all! 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

new rug & some home decor inspo

Now that we're all moved in and we've officially started our count-down for baby girl to be here (I'm passed the 39 week mark!) I'm spending a lot of time decorating our place. It's been really great to stay busy! I've shared a few of the spaces that are slowly coming together  over on Instagram . I'm also really loving being able to bring more plants into our home and you guys I can't believe how well they are doing haha! My goal is to become a responsible plant parent and so far it's going well. I don't have a green thumb at all so to see my plants thriving is such a huge deal! 

Last year we slowly started buying furniture that we really loved. We don't have a huge amount of things we're buying for our new place but a few pieces that will bring everything together. Our new living room is a little bit bigger than our previous one and it has a ton of great lighting. Which has been such a nice change! I'd been looking for a rug for the past month since we have hardwood floors now and I was so excited when I found this one online. I'm always pretty nervous when I order big items online that I can't see first-hand but after reading all the reviews and comparing prices I went ahead and ordered it. And I'm so glad I did because I love it! It really brings our room together and it has that boho feel that I'd been hoping for. Here are a few other items I've got my eyes on for a few different spaces in our new home! Do you guys have any fave spots for decor inspiration?! I'd love to know!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 

(The plants pictured are pathos and snake plant I picked up both at Home Depot)

Hope you have a great rest of your week!

Monday, May 23, 2016

38 weeks pregnant & life update

As I write this I'm sitting down on our couch with half-opened boxes behind me, bags with some of our things in several corners of our living room, and next to B who got home early today! And it feels so good to say that even though we have a ways to go in terms of unpacking- we are all moved into our new home. I can hardly believe it! The whole process seemed like it was taking forever since we had to schedule the movers around B's schedule and we did a huge chunk of the packing little by little.  But even though it felt like forever I'm glad it turned out the way it did. And can I just say how much stuff gets accumulated after living in a place for  5 years?! Woah, it was wild and the entire time we thought we "didn't have that much stuff." It was really good to sort through things, donate, minimize and organize. It really was a great feeling and although it was a ton of work (and still is) I'm glad we did it this way! I'm so excited to get more things in their places and add a few more details to make it our own. Although we know this is not our forever home (we'll likely be moving once B is done with fellowship) we know that we'll be here for 4 years and that's a long time. And just like our sweet apartment I'm looking forward to making this house a home for us while we live here. B and I have always loved the charm of old homes and this little cozy cape cod is full of it. If you follow me on Snap Chat (username @MommyinMKE ) you've likely seen me share and talk a lot about  it already as well as seen the mess haha! I'm still waiting on a few things I ordered and can't wait to show you guys! Speaking of waiting, I am 38 weeks pregnant and feeling a lot like I was when I was full-term with C. I honestly still cannot believe how fast this time has gone and I know I say that a lot haha! Today I went in for my weekly check-up and my OB said that it could be any day now. I was pretty shocked because Gabriel was born on his due date and Cristian was late. However, you guys know how things can suddenly slow down or speed up. I'm totally happy with having her bake for as long as she needs to! I am in no rush at all. We don't have any of her nursery/room setup yet because we always have our bebes roomshare with us for about five months. I have an arms reach co-sleeper that I've used with both boys (and absolutely LOVE) that I'll be using with baby girl too. That'll give us lots of time to get her room ready. I am getting so excited to meet her and introduce her to her big brothers. Gabriel seems to understand so much of what' going on this time around. He'll ask to hug my bump then he'll place his tiny hands on it to wait and see's if she moves. He'll always say when he feels her move too. And every time my heart melts into a puddle of mush and I realize how big he's gotten. Cristian is pretty clueless haha! He just knows Mami's belly is really big and she no longer has room on her lap for him to sit. He's a couple of months younger than Gabriel was when he was born and I don't think he will make the connection until she's here. Even writing it all out seems so surreal. I'll soon be a mother of three little one's and I'm feeling so grateful and incredibly blessed. Okay, so I;m totally rambling now but thank you if you've read that novel. Also for all of you that have sent me messages, comments and well wishes. I appreciate them all so much! I better sign off now and get some more unpacking done while the boys sleep!