Thursday, December 01, 2016

Cristian's second Birthday

Hi, guys! I know it's been a few weeks since I updated the blog. However, with everything going on in the country/world right now, I had to take some time away from both my social media and blog. For those of you who follow me on Instagram you know all about my feelings post-election. I made a short video about them two weeks ago on my YouTube channel and if you want to know more of where I stand click here. 

Now let's move on to what we've been up to these past few weeks! Cristian turned two years old in November and just like every other birthday we celebrate I can hardly believe that another year came and went. I feel as if he was just born and I was holding his 9.5 lb body against my chest. He was such a sweet little chunker and would sleep a good five hour stretches those first few weeks! Now he's got such a great sense of humour. He's constantly playing jokes on Gabriel and it's so hard not to laugh when he's doing them. Just today he was playing with the Christmas tree so I told him he couldn't touch it, but he could look at it with his eyes. I know that's a lot to ask a two-year-old but it doesn't hurt to try haha! Anyway, he grabbed his baby doll (his current fave toy) grabbed her little hand then touched the tree! He then proceeded to tell her, "No toques!" (don't touch!) LOL I can't make this stuff up! 
We ended up celebrating his birthday with a group of our friends and their little's. I decided to throw a "pajama/breakfast' bash and asked everyone to dress in their comfy pajamas. We had waffles with strawberries and lots of whipped cream! It was such a fun day full of lots food, friends and laughs! It was all very easy to prep as well. I was very glad I snapped most of these pictures before everyone came over because the 'donut cake' was a hit and all of the kiddos dug in right away :) We are so incredibly grateful to have Cristianito in our lives. He is such a joy and we love him so very much! This whole internet world can be such a strange place. But it can also provide a space to share our memories, ideas and hopes for the future. I hope that by me sharing little bits of our family we can share a bit of inspiration and love to you. Because even though life has its challenges it's also beautiful! 




Wishing you a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jord Wood Watches

Luxury Wood Watch
I hope you're all having a great week so far. It's been a busy one over here as B finishes up his OB rotation and I'm cheering like it's Christmas morning, haha! I partnered with Jord Wood Watches for today's post and I'm really excited to share more about this brand. When Jord Watches contacted me, I'd heard about their watches, but I never checked out their site. However, once I took the time to look at their beautiful wooden watches, mission statement and inquire more about how they are a sustainable brand I was so excited to partner with them. B had yesterday off  and I had so much fun snapping pics of him and Lucia in our kitchen with his watch that he really enjoys wearing. He's not a huge jewelry person, but he loves the functionality of this watch for his clinic days and he really loves the beauty of it too. Also, at the end of this post there's a giveaway for $75 to use towards your very own watch!

I asked my contact specifically how Jord watches are sustainable and it was so great to hear what they are doing as a brand. A great majority of the wood they use comes from furniture remnants. It takes very small pieces for them to create the cases and individual links so they are able to utilize what would otherwise end up in a waste cycle. Both Bamboo and the Maple are sustainably sourced, and as is expected in the industry. All of the Koa comes from damaged trees or trees that were brought down by a natural weather event. The watch pictured on B is made out of the Koa wood. What I also love about these watches is that they are really well-made and are affordable for being luxury timepieces.

If you're in the market for a unique and gorgeous watch I would recommend checking out Jord Watches. You can see more of their men's watches, here. Also, their women's watches, here.

 And now for the really fun part! Enter to win a $75 e-Voucher to use towards your very own Jord luxury watch. Also, anyone who enters recieves a $20 e- giftcard (excluding the winner). You can enter by following this link here.

Have a great rest of your week! 
Thank you Jord Watches for sponsoring this post.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

thank you

I had to take the last few days to process the response to my last post that I shared regarding my experience as a sexual assault survivor. I've read all of your kind comments, words, messages, emails and texts of support. I am sincerely humbled and thankful for all of you. Also, a very heartfelt thank you to all of the women who emailed, or messaged me with your own story of survival. I honor you in this space. Your words shook me up and brought me to tears. Your bravery and strength will always be marked on my heart. I have felt overwhelmed in the very best of ways, but also exhausted. I knew that in sharing my story in light of Donald Trumps recent 'locker room' rhetoric would be opening myself up to both positive and negative feedback. My experience was very difficult for me to write and share here on my biggest platform. However, I felt an urgency to speak up against sexism and  hate from someone who holds so much power and influence.

The apathy that I've encountered in the past year, as the rise of this man in the election process has taken place, have stirred up feelings of anger and weariness within me. Over a year ago, I wrote about parents speaking up about it here. It was so disturbing to me as I reread it today that so many of my fears have come true since then. It's truly disheartening, but I warrior on. If someone fails to see the connection of my experience as a sexual assault survivor and the shamefully dismissive comment of  'locker room talk ' by Donald Trump, then that is something they will have to sort out with their own conscience. I do not take on the weight of their judgement into my life. As another sexual assault survivor so poignantly shared with me, it's a shame that we have to share our stories to put a real face behind the words of Donald Trump and give a reason to why we are enraged. But I stand here unashamed that I have brought awareness to the problem and that is something I am proud of. I refuse to stay silent and will continue to speak up. In November, I will do so with my vote and I hope you join me and the millions of others who are doing the same!
Where do we go from here?

 I've been told  that I make things look 'easy' and I know it's said more as a compliment, but in all honesty sometimes I would read these words and think if they only knew how truly difficult it has been. It is a daily step of faith for me to find the good, the joy, the abundance of life and to smile despite the pain or current struggle. I've also have had to allow the sorrow to wash over me and cry until I no longer can. I stand here as woman who has been molded by her experiences and grown into who I am because of them. I am able to speak about them years later, because I have worked tirelessly to push through the darkness. I am so grateful for divine grace, and for a husband who has been my rock. This is who I am and I am damn proud of the woman I've become.

When I started blogging I did it as a creative outlet. As my blog grew I began to receive offers from companies that wanted to work with me. Truthfully, I had no idea you could make income doing this sort of thing. It was a welcome change, because working on this blog has taken time away from me solely being an at-home-mother. In the past, I blogged about confronting my own biases against my natural kinky curls. I've written and searched about finding deeper meaning in prayer and meditation. I shared about my fear of prejudice in raising our children bilingual. I've written about my postpartum experience. I am passionate about talking about issues on race, prejudice, equality, feminism and my own motherhood experience. I want to continue to use this space for that without fear of judgement, or that it might not translate well for those who read my blog for the lifestyle portions only. In doing so, I feel like I am being true to myself and using this platform in a way that can hopefully make a difference in our community.

I recently shared my mindful living project and that is something I'm excited to continue. My goal with the mindful living project is to share and invite you all to join in on finding ways to be mindful in all aspects of life. After the riots here in Milwaukee, I talked on my Instastories and shared that I am partnering with our pediatrician to begin an outreach program. We are in the process of starting a non-profit to provide baby carriers and breastfeeding support to mothers in high-risk areas of our city. All of the proceeds from my closet sale will be used towards supporting our non-profit project efforts. As I mentioned on my Instastories this not only about providing a service, but also connecting with other mom's in different neighborhoods and begin a dialogue. I've received feedback from local mom's who want to be involved, and I'm so excited to get things off the ground! If you're interested in being a part of the program please send me an email at ( or leave a comment below and I will add you to our mailing list!

As always thank you for taking the time to read our blog. I love you all!